Duration: 3 hours / Difficulty: Easy

This is the classic guided Reykjavík cycling tour!

We will explore the city of Reykjavík in a comfortable fast way, taking in all the must see spots and getting a healthy exercise. What a combo! 

Among the places we will visit is Reykjavík's south facing beach - Ægissíða, the campus of the University of Iceland, Nordic House, Reykjavík's Catholic Cathedral, The Alþingi Parliament building, The Reykjavík Old Harbour, The Reykjavík Pond & explore the whole city centre.

We will see how in downtown #101 RVK no house is the same colour (or architecture style) and we will explore the old & the new. The old fishing shacks and the new and current places.

We love our city and will happily share our personal stories and try our best to give you an idea of what the Iceland culture consists of. We will show you places that only locals know and do our best to intrigue you with our knowledge.

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